lago-di-endineIt s the ideal place for a holiday of relaxation and recreation. along the costs are discovered small beaches and secluded wooded nature.
Many restaurants on the lake waiting for you with courtesy you taste the local dishes. You can rent pedal boats, canoes, boats for a quiet day in the beautiful lake.

It ranks in one of the most beautiful valleys of Bergamo: The Valley Cavallina

Places to visit Lake Endine are: Monasterolo, Endine, Spinone Lake, Lake San Felice, Ranzanico.


Monasterolo is one of the busiest of the lake, especially in summer period. Interesting is, in fact, the medieval town center that lies to the shore. A site worth visiting is the medieval castle with its beautiful garden where there are many colorful species. Inside the castle was built in the '600 and a church dedicated to St.Anna.
The entire country also offers a nice beach and a path to the lake.

Spinone al Lago

spinone-al-lagoSpinone the lake has a good location: the old center is a little upstream of the lake and has a beautiful Romanesque architecture, like the Church of St. Peter in Chains, probably one of the oldest religious buildings the valley.

Even in Spinone there was a castle but was shot down in the century XV.
Excursions offer visitors wonderful views of around the lake. Built in the post-Roman and placed in the lake Endine, is known for its hot springs of San Carlo alle tells you which is refreshed St. Charles Borromeo during a visit in 1575. Spinone worth visiting also for the church of San Pietro (XI century)..
All in stone and surrounded by cedars and cypresses, is the only example of Romanesque architecture on Lake Endine.
From the town, along an ancient mule track, you can make a wonderful trip to Bianzano and climb the ancient castle.


With its large lawns green spaces, forests and beautiful location views of Lake Endine, is an oasis of peace, one of the most suggestive of the province of Bergamo.
Close to town and the ski resorts of Tonale and Montecampione.
Ranzanico allows you to easily reach the Valley of the Cold and Val Camonica where you can admire the prehistoric rock carvings.


Country of ancient history and a holiday resort, Bianzano from curious form of a comet, in the old town retains many buildings medieval.
Among these, the most important is the Castle of Suardi. The medieval complex, located on top of the country, is one of the few spared by demolition of the Venetians in 400 and remained almost unchanged the original structure of the square end of the thirteenth century.
Of note is Church of the Assumption, also of the thirteenth century, for the valuable wooden altar school Fantoni and attractive position on top of the valley.

Endine Gaiano

lago endineThe country, which gives its name to the lake, is surrounded by mountains rich in vegetation, reeds and willows silver.
In addition to some 400 houses and 500, you can admire the eighteenth century parish church of San Giorgio, with its beautiful stone bell tower of the thirteenth century.
In the square of the castle are well visible traces of the medieval period. Along the shores of Lake and in the vicinity you can take interesting paths to the Hills San Fermo Valley and Cold, characterized by undercurrents which create a cool microclimate and flora.
The international airport of Orio al Serio is located in a strategic position towards the entrance of the two major valleys.
Ski lifts, alpine skiing, nordic skiing, snowboarding, skating, bob: this and much more is what the mountain has to offer Bergamo in its winter dress, fitting well in its own right among best equipped ski areas Lombardia.Le most important stations are in Montecampione, Aprica and Ponte di Legno, the Passo del Tonale.


Do not miss four big events that take place on Lake endine NIGHT UNDER THE STARS in Spinone al Lago.
THE MARKET STREET LOI Monasterolo Castle which is held every year August 14.
Historical re-enactment in Bianzano.